Psychotherapy Supervision and Consultation

I have been a senior supervisor for the McLean Hospital psychology internship program, and the department of psychiatry residency program of Harvard Medical School, since 1984. During this time I have taught psychotherapy and couples therapy in supervision as well in mini courses held for our trainees. I have taught in other academic and treatment settings as well (see CV). Over the past 40 years I have also supervised junior and senior level psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists in their ongoing private practices.

Supervision has four main goals. 
1. To teach an intersubjective psychoanalytic approach to long term and short term individual and couples psychotherapy. 
2. To integrate this knowledge with current research in neuroscience. 
3.To learn about listening and the various kinds of listening there are. 
4.To discuss issues of professional development and the capacity to conduct a private practice.

Some of my supervisees have been with me for years and we have developed a unique knowledge of how we each work. This has led to wonderful and exciting opportunities for supervisee and patient alike. Most of the supervision sessions are spent going over audio recordings or process notes of selected patients. There is also discussion of the therapist's overall practice and practice goals. Many times, the supervisee is helped in the process of generating referrals.

Occasionally, I am available to an ongoing psychotherapy for consultation around disjunctions which are hard to negotiate and stalemates which might endanger an ongoing treatment.

If you are a mental health care practitioner and would like to inquire about supervision or consultation, please contact me below. We can then discuss your needs and my availability. My fee schedule for supervision, is a sliding one, based upon the profile of your practice.

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